With Werdewelt, we have brought on board a full professional in the implementation of any target-oriented marketing activities.

Why? Because we do not want to stop at the development of your marketing strategy, but want to implement the measures tailored to you directly professionally, continuously and with the least possible friction loss and expenditure of time for you. From the concept to the development of the measures, coordination of the overall package to evaluation - everything from a single source.

We take care of your marketing - you do your lawyer thing.

The agency for personal branding creates clarity and ensures the consistent implementation of your positioning in marketing communication. It fills your personal branding strategy with life: On the Internet, in print media, in the press, as a book, as a video/photography, in the social media or for your applications for your next career step – in every way you can imagine.

What makes our cooperation special? Werdewelt combines the competence, creativity and reliability of a full-service marketing agency consisting of over 20 full-service professionals with insider knowledge and experience from over 10 years of personal branding for the consulting industry. With the competence of CLP from almost 10 years of legal advice and the legal expertise of our experts, we have become an unbeatable combination in the legal industry.

For your acquisition and marketing activities. For your external appearance. For your law firm website and law firm SocialMedia. For your client communication.

For your personal branding. For your expert status. For your application documents. For your next book project.

CLP - because we love lawyers.




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