You have a goal for yourself, for your law firm or for your team and somehow cannot reach it? Would you like to strategically position your law firm, realign it or develop further business areas? Would you like to improve processes, overcome a crisis or take the next step in your career? Would you like to improve your communication skills, become a tough negotiating partner, master the next challenge or expand your ownership role? Or you simply want to get to know your market value, venture something new again or finally be appointed a partner of the firm.

Consulting, Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Moderation...

What you, your law firm or your department needs right now is as individual as our offer. That´s why a detailed, non-binding initial consultation is important and a necessity.

We advise individual lawyers as well as law firm teams, managing partners, human resources departments and law firm owners, judges and civil servants, corporate lawyers and young professionals. 

Our team consists of certified CLP consultants, specialists and cooperation partners with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the legal sector in Europe and abroad.

Whether you are in need of a coach, would like to set up a coaching pool or a coaching program, or would like to start modern legal consulting with Legal Coaching. Whether you want to set up a partner, talent development or mentoring program. Whether you want to moderate a difficult partner meeting, lead a strategy workshop or work on your office division.

If you want to reach your goal faster and are looking for a professional companion, CLP is your partner!

What would you like to optimize for yourself, your law firm, your department?

Arrange your personal meeting appointment for your individual offer!


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