These are the most effective ideas in the fight against corona from #WirvsVirusHackathon

A jury of experts selects the best digital solutions for immediate implementation in the fight against corona. CLP-Consulting for Legal Professionals is on the jury with its expertise for the legal industry with Dr. Geertje Tutschka. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier calls the participants among others "heroes of the Corona crisis"!

As reported, the largest online hackathon took place from 20 to 23 March 2020. After more than 48 hours, the teams of 45,000 participants together with about 500 support companies such as CLP and almost 3,000 mentors developed 1,500 solutions for the current corona crisis.

Here are the current figures at a glance:

    43,000 registrations
    1900 Pat:inside for challenges
    2900 Mentor:inside
    27,000 active users:inside on the platform
    13,000 profiles at Devpost
    1,500 registered projects
    100 projects from the ministries
    464,866 slack messages (and counting...)

The solutions proposed by the start-ups and teams, which were completed by Sunday evening, have since been available for everyone to see in the so-called project parade on YouTube. With LIKE's you can also mark your personal favorites.

But attention: the parade - as interesting as it is - takes several hours! Actually the 1139 clips last 36 hours...

Click here for the public voting of the Project Parade.

Of course, not all 1,500 projects can be implemented immediately, especially since the projects also have different levels of maturity and impact.

Nevertheless: The best proposed solutions should be implemented with support as soon as possible in the immediate fight against the Corona crisis and should have an effect.

But which are the best projects?

In addition to the public vote with LIKE's, which is intended to reflect the social recognition of the solutions, an independent jury of experts has been convened. This jury consists on the one hand of the mentors, who have already supported various projects in the hackathon due to their special expertise, and on the other hand of government representatives and the communities of the event team.

Dr. Tutschka from CLP has been appointed as a jury member due to her expertise in the legal industry and especially in the LegalTech solutions. Her many years of experience as head of the awarding of the ICF Prism Award coaching prize and the scaling of evaluations also benefit her.

In the finalist round, the jury will select approximately 150 ideas according to the following criteria:

  1.     Social added value
  2.     Degree of innovation
  3.     Scalability
  4.     Progress
  5.     Comprehensibility

In order not to have to compare completely new ideas with already existing but further developed ones, the projects are divided into three categories:

  •     New developments
  •     Further development of existing solutions
  •     Commercial solutions

This are the details.
From these finalists a further jury will then select the best projects and ideas of the #WirvsVirusHackathon by the end of the week, in order to implement them in concrete terms from Monday.

A very exciting time then!

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, among others, therefore calls the participants today "heroes of the Corona crisis"! Click here for his speech.

And Prof. Dr. Helge Braun, Head of the Federal Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Tasks, continues: "In these hours these participants have made the Internet what it once was: a meeting place of the best and most open kind". Click here for his speech.

The hackers and tech enthusiasts have already received three offers of support:

1. First Fellow at Tech4Germany!

    Developers, designers, data scientists and product managers work at Tech4Germany under the patronage of the head of the Federal Chancellery for three months full-time on concrete projects of the ministries. Application deadline: April 19, 2020

2. Promotion with the Prototype Fund!

    Innovative ideas for open source software can apply for six months of BMBF funding of 47.500€ at the Prototype Fund. Application deadline: 31 March 2020

3. Community of Code for Germany!

    Tech-enthusiasts meet regularly in 26 cities in Germany to work together on useful applications and visualizations around open data and on digital tools for citizens.

And finally a tip: As several other countries have already noticed this great event and the incredible response, a first "How to organize this Hackathon" webinar with lots of insider information and reports of experiences was held today: with 90 international participants!

A super exciting look behind the scenes and into the fascinating community of this major event.

And finally, don't forget: Now you can hand in your personal LIKE's!

A detailed report on the Hackathon can be found in our blog.



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