Interview Dr. Burkard Göpfert, LL.M., Kliemt/Baker & McKenzie Munich

Lawyer Career: Success in the legal profession is no coincidence. Is it always just the result of hard work? Or is it also about doing the right thing at the right time? What is the secret of successful lawyers? What should one pay attention to from the very beginning? Do you really seize every opportunity? And is the decision for a career really a decision against a fulfilled private life? In our series "Success in the legal profession is no coincidence" we present top lawyers and their very personal recipe for success:

Dr. Burkard Göpfert, LL.M. is a specialist in labour law and a specialist in business transformation, restructuring and labour relations. He advises companies such as GM/Opel, Nokia/Alcatel and the Hegemann shipyard group and led the negotiations with IG Metall on behalf of Osram and Alstom. He was a partner at Baker & McKenzie in Munich and is now with Kliemt.

I asked him about his recipe for success.

Dr. Göpfert, LL.M., as a partner in one of the largest law firms and an expert in labor law, not only supports well-known companies in important and sometimes difficult entrepreneurial phases. You are also particularly concerned with the promotion of young talent. You are involved in projects such as Panda University Law@EBS in Wiesbaden, where you give promising young lawyers tips on how to deal with clients, and you have a teaching position for employment law at the University of Passau. You are also actively involved in the IBA and are an officer for the Restructuring division in the IPBA. You are also co-editor of ZIP and the compliance journal CCZ and have just published a volume on crisis employment law and restructuring practice in Germany. You would think your day has 48 hours. You can look back on a remarkable legal career in more than one respect!

How would you briefly describe what you have achieved as a lawyer and why?

I have mastered socio-political challenges with exciting clients and clients who are personally very pleasant.

What is your personal tip for success?

Address things as they are. Ross and Reiter.

Thank you very much.

Finally, would you like to tell us your personal life motto? "No fear of king's thrones"

(Originally published on 03.06.2016 on the former CLP-Blog JurCoach)



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