Legal coaching training program

The Legal Coaching Training Program is a specialized coaching training to support legal and similar professions in the consulting industry and to train the necessary communication, negotiation and leadership skills. Supervision, self-reflection and ego management are used to develop the necessary charisma and maturity as a consultant personality.

The professional training in legal coaching, the so-called Legal Coaching Training Program, has been offered worldwide exclusively by the CLP Academy since 2016. Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC exclusively developed the training curriculum and concept for this program and is still a trainer today. She can build on her experience as part of the training team in the post graduate legal education at the Distance Learning University of Hagen, Master's program in Law, her experience as a mentor coach in the certification of trained coaches according to ICF standards worldwide as well as her professional trainer training.

It is true that more and more lawyers are completing general coaching training courses for personal development and are integrating what they have learned into their work. Professional coaching trainings primarily focus on the personality of the coach and help to deepen the understanding of one's own strengths and weaknesses, conscious communication and human interaction and thus usually lead to personal maturity. Mediators also repeatedly refer to the application of their mediation training outside of a mediation as coaching. However, coaching is not mediation, nor is it consulting, teaching, training, public speaking, or therapy. In the management relationship, it can only be used under certain conditions. How professional coaching can be integrated into legal work according to international standards and which legal parameters have to be considered, you will learn exclusively in the Legal Coaching Training Program.

The 6-month distance learning training in Legal Coaching comprises four modules and is just right for you if at least 3 of the 5 points are important to you:

  1. Personal development through self-reflection, in-depth understanding of your personality and strengths, releasing blocking behavior patterns
  2. Optimization of your leadership skills
  3. Increasing your negotiation skills with professional techniques in communication, crisis and change management
  4. Expanding your legal expertise and portfolio with a certified postgraduate degree in coaching
  5. Qualify for our CLP alumni network, including JurBiz groups on XING and LinkedIn, and apply to become a CLP speaker

Learn how legal coaches work internationally and in the German-speaking world in our blog and interview series!

The coaching in Module 1 provides the necessary individual support, while the mentoring in Module 4 ensures that what has been learned is implemented in everyday professional life in a way that fits perfectly. The training includes a basic coaching training according to the international quality standards of the ICF, the largest professional association of professional coaches worldwide, as module 2 as well as the special training in legal coaching only for lawyers, jurists etc. as module 3.

The training can also be booked as an in-house seminar. The CLP-Academy is the first and only one to offer a profound training in Legal Coaching according to the quality criteria of the recognized professional associations for coaches; the training is internationally unique in the legal industry!

The method of Legal Coaching

... because we love lawyers.

Legal coaching is the integration of professional techniques from business coaching into legal work. This can be done selectively as needed as part of the consulting or negotiation mandate, but will usually be done through a self-contained coaching process in one mandate. Similar to mediation, the client chooses whether, how and when coaching should be included in the mandate or should be used in addition. As a specialized form, legal coaching is always applied to a legally relevant decision-making process and, unlike coaching and, incidentally, mediation, cannot be used by non-lawyers. At the same time, the legal expertise in Legal Coaching can address the client's concerns in a much more individual way than in mere consulting.

It was developed primarily for more effective client communication, but also strengthens the client relationship in the long term and leads directly to greater client satisfaction. At the same time, coaching leads to more reflection and an increase in communication and leadership skills on the part of the coach. This benefits not only the legal coach but also his employees.

Coaching is not a protected term and many people today think that they have to call classical consulting modern coaching. However, on the one hand, this deception lacks the bite, i.e. the effectiveness of the coaching techniques, which can only be learned with a profound education. On the other hand, professional coaching also stands for certain quality standards and ethical guidelines to protect clients from harm by amateur coaches.

Since coaching is not a legally protected method, the profession of a coach is not defined by law and coaching education does not fall under the sovereignty of the state like, for example, legal education, it is all the more important to demand content orientation and tested quality. For 25 years, the world's largest professional association for coaches has advocated for uniform, scientifically proven and evaluable quality standards and with the 8 core competencies and ethical guidelines has now set professional standards for a quarter of a century that are recognized worldwide. The Legal Coaching Training Program is based on these and, similar to a specialist lawyer's training, focuses on profound theoretical training plus subsequent certification of practical experience.

Dr. Tutschka, who trained in coaching in the country of origin of coaching after 10 years as a lawyer in the USA and is now a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), developed Legal Coaching as a method after her return to Europe between 2012-2016:

As a lawyer, Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC focuses on scientificity, fact-based evaluation and logical cause-effect relationships.

As a specialist in leadership, she knows the pitfalls when coaching is applied to the leadership relationship with the buzzword "New Work".

With her many years of experience as President of ICF Germany, she knows the current coaching market and its developments like no other. As head of the coaching award Prism Award, she stands for excellent quality in coaching programs: with well-trained and certified coaches and coaching trainings that meet international requirements. She brings this experience to the training in Legal Coaching.

To learn more about her, visit

All benefits at a glance

Training guarantee

  • Limited number of participants
  • Extensive training and accompanying materials
  • Repetition and break guarantee
  • Premium quality of training tools

Certification guarantee

  • CLP certificate
  • Coaching basic training according to the international professional standards
  • Quality guarantee of the instructors
  • Legal or comparable qualification of the participants

Sustainability guarantee

  • Certification logo
  • Network competence
  • Application and Mentoring
  • Support for ICF certification/credentialing

The course will take place in summer from May until October and in winter from November until April. 

Please refer to the training documents for the exact dates. The training can be completed part-time with approximately 5 hours per week. Of these, at least 4 hours are online presence. Self-study, preparation and follow-up, practice as well as exam preparation are added with at least 1 hour.

For the first time, all 4 modules of the Legal Coaching Training Program can be completed as a pure distance learning program with a modern learning platform. In addition, a practical module will be offered as an optional attendance weekend in the last training section.

The training will be completed with an examination and training certificate and directly prepares for the international certification as an ICF coach by the professional association (International Coaching Federation).

The Training Modules

Modul 1 Coaching

Participants will learn the basics and definition of professional coaching, specifically the professional association for coaches, the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics, and quality management for coaches through certifications and accreditations.

The 10 hours of time will be done online.

Goal: You will be able to explain in a few sentences what (Legal) Coaching is.

Modul 2 Training I

This general basic training to become a professional business coach with a minimum of 60 time hours ensures that the international quality standards and basic requirements of the profession coach are met.

However, as this training is aimed exclusively at consultants such as lawyers, tax consultants, management consultants and comparable professions who are predominantly analytically and commercially oriented, this basic coaching training will provide the necessary know-how in a concise and practice-oriented manner in order to be able to immediately integrate coaching into the consulting profession. It by no means claims to be an intensive and comprehensive coaching training for all possible areas of application, but instead is intended to teach as little as possible and as much as necessary.

Participants experience here what coaching means in practice. The method, the coaching process and various tools are experienced actively and passively by the participants. The many interactive practice coaching sessions guarantee the success of the training.

Goal: You will be able to design a complete coaching process theoretically and practically.

Modul 3 Training II

The special training in legal coaching saddles up directly to the basic coaching training and is absolutely unique: your personal guarantee for the future.

The admission requirement is that you already have professional experience as a lawyer, jurist or in a comparable profession. Assessors and trainee lawyers have to prove their professional experience separately.

In 20 time-hours the implementation of coaching techniques and skills in the legal profession, their admission requirements, legal parameters, remuneration and marketing will be presented.

With Legal Coaching, you are the hybrid in the industry, combining the best of two professions - the legal industry and the coaching industry.

And: You hold your fully developed Legal Coaching concept in your hands!

Goal: You integrate professional business coaching confidently and highly efficiently into your daily legal work and leadership responsibilities and impress with your charismatic, reflective and mature personality.

Modul 4 Mentoring

This module is your sustainability guarantee: The many practical examples are supplemented in this last module by the mentoring of practice coaching meaningful and sustainable and ensure your optimal practical preparation.

The mentoring consists of 10 time hours, which optimally prepare you for the final exam by deepening what you have learned from all modules and intensively going into practice.

Participants will coach themselves as well as become practically experienced legal coaches in observing and analyzing other coaching processes.

It consists of three 1:1 mentor coaching sessions each based on a practice coaching session that should increase:

  •     Level 1: ACC (Minimum)
  •     Level 2: ACC (maximum) - PCC (minimum)
  •     Level 3: PCC (Maximum) - Legal Coaching

As well as Module 4 with the group mentor coaching that builds on it.

Each mentor coaching session usually includes two official "Observed Coaching Sessions" with feedback from the DOT (Director of Training) and as many practice sessions as you would like. Mentor coaching is for immediate exam preparation!

Learning success takes time! Therefore, ideally, mentor coaching should take place over a period of three months:

  1.     Our module 4 (mentoring) casts its shadow into module 2,
  2.     picks up the participants there halfway through the training at ACC level,
  3.     develops them into a solid ACC/PCC level by the end of Module 2, and
  4.     gently guides them into a specialized PCC Legal Coaching level by the end of Module 3.

At this high level, Module 4 (Mentoring) directly prepares our participants for exam coaching at PCC-LegalCoaching level.

Did you know? Our mentor coaches have

  1.     committed to the ICF MentorCoaching Policy (see,
  2.     have proven their own coaching experience on at least PCC level, and
  3.     have undergone special mentor-coach training,
  4.     committed to the CLP Quality Guarantee and
  5.     demonstrated practical experience as legal coaches

Goal: The mentoring enables you to

  •     deliver solid coaching performance at specific levels
  •     Discover and develop your strengths and potentials
  •     Find your individual style

Options and investment

  1. Legal Coaching Training Program (min. 175 hrs distance learning):   8.000 € (net)
  2. Additional optional practical module (attendance weekend Thur-Sun): 1.500 € (net)

For maximum transparency and calculability, ALL COSTS are included in the price (materials, exercises, tools, licenses, final exam, certificate). Not included are only the hotel costs for the additional module, which takes place with a minimum of three participants.

All details, advantages and registration requirements can be found in our training brochure, in the info webinar or in a personal meeting.

Please note that due to the limited number of participants, the order of bookings depends on receipt of payment. If overbooking occurs, you are automatically placed on the waiting list.

Please refer to the conditions of participation in the documents for replacement regulations, reclaims, periods of notice, etc..

Payment can be made by invoice/bank transfer or by credit card/paypal (via eventbrite). For a net invoice stating the VAT/UID please do not use eventbrite, but contact our office directly

Registration for the free info webinar please also via eventbrite.


  • Buddy program: if your recommendation leads to the registration of two more participants, you can take advantage of a 50% discount.
  • CLP partner sponsoring: 50% of a training place will again be sponsored this year
  • CLP financing plan: supports your long-term financial planning with a monthly installment payment program

The documents for the BETTER TOGETHER programmes with details, requirements and registration can also be found in the documents.


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